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Carrie Mae Weems portrait by Jerry Klienberg - New York Times Articles 9/12/2012

“When Carrie Mae Weems was first teaching photography in the late 1980s at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, she was struck by the difference in how her male and female students presented themselves in pictures. “The women were always turning away from the camera, always in profile,” said Ms. Weems, demonstrating by obscuring her face seductively with her graceful hands. “They never squared themselves. The boys were squaring themselves.”

The New York Times

Article by Hilarie M. Sheets

Published on September 12th, 2012

Photo from the video "Afro-Chic" (2010)- Carrie Mae Weems - New York Times Article 9/12/2012

At night she would return to her studio to work on her own photographs that told a different story. She centered herself at the end of a kitchen table and composed vignettes about the life cycle of a romance, the camaraderie among female friends, the demands of motherhood and finally her solitude, all unfolding at the table under a harsh, expository overhanging light. These photographs in “Kitchen Table Series,” completed in 1990, are accompanied by 14 panels recounting the path of a 38-year-old woman with a “bodacious manner, varied talents, hard laughter, multiple opinions,” as a panel says, who resists classification and embraces complexity.”

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"Family Reunion'" from "Family Pictures and Stories"(1978-1984)-Carrie Mae Weems and Jack Shainman Gallery - New York Times Article 9/12/2012

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