Accra Shepp Occupy Wall Street Project

As the Occupy Wall Street protest continues in Zuccotti Park, artist Accra Shepp uses a 4×5 view camera with black and white film and makes twenty to thirty portraits each week  of individuals who are participating in the demonstration.

The portraits illustrate the personal face of the protest, reflecting the diverse individual characters of those who have spontaneously come together to speak out against economic inequality. The project’s home, in the vitrine space of the Steven Kasher Gallery, provides a street level view for all who pass by. This installation seeks to establishing a clear image to help the public understand who the protesters are and, by extension, what the protest is.  Accra Shepp’s work can also be seen in the PBS feature documentary currently in production, “Through A Lens Darkly”

For more information on Accra Shepp’s “Occupy Wall Street” project please visit:

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